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Nintendo Gets a New Spokesman — Sort Of

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Nintendo's had several "pseudo-official" public faces over the years, highlighted of course by Shigeru Miyamoto and Mario, but for the month of February, Nintendo's marketing team has pulled an arguably weird stunt by making a dog the company's public face. That's because February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, you see. As if that justifies the decision.... Today, Nintendo of America announced it's teaming up with Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier "co-star" of The Artist, who will act as Nintendo’'s "spokesdog," … [Read more...]

Pink Nintendo 3DS Slated to Ship this Week (Feb. 10)

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For those handheld gaming fans who need a new system and for some reason can't wait for Sony's PlayStation Vita, there's a "new" Nintendo 3DS on the way this week that's just waiting to take that money burning a hole in your pocket. On Feb. 10, Nintendo will release a Valentine's Day-themed "Pearl Pink" edition of the Nintendo 3DS handheld system. The pink version was previously available only as part of a limited-edition bundle. The pink Nintendo 3DS will be available as a stand-alone item at retailers nationwide … [Read more...]

Nintendo PAX East Booth to Showcase 11 3DS Games

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If you're headed to PAX East this weekend hoping to get your hands on pre-release games, Nintendo is going to one-up your loftiest goals by providing hands-on Nintendo 3DS units and games as well. Not as free giveaways, mind you, but for all attendees to get their hands on the 3D handheld system before it goes on sale later this month. The news came as Nintendo shared its entire booth lineup for PAX East, which is frankly chock full of pre-release software as well. Yes, Nintendo's PAX East booth (#412) will give fans … [Read more...]

Nintendo Reveals Launch-Day Lineup of 18 3DS Games

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On day one, new Nintendo 3DS owners will have plenty of video games to keep them busy. Nintendo and its third-party publishing partners have made sure that people who buy a system on March 27 will be able to choose from a variety of experiences that leverage the system’s new features. A steady and diverse stream of games of all kinds will keep the fun going, with more than 30 Nintendo 3DS games total launching before the E3 Expo in early June. “Seeing 3D visuals without the need for special glasses is just one aspect … [Read more...]

Details About the Coming Nintendo 3DS and the Games to be Released

On March 27, Nintendo introduces portable entertainment in 3D - without the need for special glasses. The Nintendo 3DS system will be available in either Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue, and will have a suggested retail price of $249.99. Pricing outside the United States will be established by the local markets, but offer similar consumer value. "Nintendo 3DS is a category of one - the experience simply doesn't exist anywhere else," said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "You have to see Nintendo 3DS to believe … [Read more...]

Dragon Quest IV Review

Ah, nostalgic comforts. I remember the old days, sitting on my pa's chair as he searched the nearby forest for firewood. Our old dog sleeping at my feet as I ate cabbage stew and played Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen on my NES. That was before pa got his dysentery. Of course, sometimes nostalgia is utter and total malarkey. Like, my "beautiful" hometown, which is actually 15 Bed, Baths & Beyonds and Boston Markets pasted together with stucco. Sometimes, however, a nostalgic item lives up to the impossible hype … [Read more...]

EA Working on NERF Game for Nintendo Wii, DS

Electronic Arts' push into the casual-gaming scene continued this morning with the company's announcement that it's working on a NERF game for the Nintendo Wii and DS, as well as a Wii, DS and PC game called Littlest Pet Shop. The games are two of several Hasbro-licensed titles EA is currently developing. Both Littlest Pet Shop and NERF "N-Strike" will be available this fall for Nintendo Wii and DS. EA is also working on three Hasbro-based games for mobile phones: Scrabble, Monopoly Here and Now, and Yahtzee … [Read more...]

Nintendo Unveils Two New DS Bundles

Nintendo today unveiled two new DS bundles just in time for the holiday shopping season. On Friday, the company will start selling two special-edition Nintendo DS bundles. Each pairs a custom-color Nintendo DS with one of the platform's hottest titles. The first bundle involves the new Gold edition DS, which will come bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The second DS bundle will feature the Metallic Rose Nintendo DS and a copy of the "Best Friends" version of Nintendogs. "Nintendo DS remains the … [Read more...]

The Simpsons Nintendo DS Preview

Say what you will about licensed games, but Electronic Arts is giving The Simpsons a franchise-worthy outing this fall with its entire slate of The Simpsons videogames (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PS2, PSP and DS). But while the console versions are shaping up to be fun, the Nintendo DS version is flat-out astounding. In fact, pound for pound and pixel for pixel, there might not be a better gaming value this year. The Simpsons for Nintendo DS largely follows the core plot of the console versions, but in a 2D world and … [Read more...]

Crave Creating Its Own Ninten-cats

It's been a long-standing joke that Nintendo should do a cats version of Nintendogs, but we're not sure anyone was taking it seriously...until now (cue ominous music). Crave has announced Purr Pals, a virtual cat simulation, for DS today. Sure they're fun as kittens, but once that kitten grows up, how fun is it going to be to watch it cough up hairballs after licking its bum for four hours straight? Yeah...we just went there... … [Read more...]