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Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray Review

Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray

Much to my daughter's delight, the Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray has finally arrived. Some Disney princesses have more class, some are better singers, and others have grander clothes. But no princess better captures the youthful naivete of little wanna-be princesses than Aurora, better known in most circles as Sleeping Beauty. Plus, she wears pink. Disney's marketing department is generally on its game, and the Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray is no different. The movie may be called "Sleeping … [Read more...]

Destiny Review (Xbox One)

Destiny screenshot

It's unfair to judge a game's ability to live up to the hype, so I'll go to great lengths in this Destiny review to not fall into that trap. Destiny is Bungie's first non-Halo game since the launch of the first Xbox. It's a new franchise Activision committed to supporting well into the next decade. And it's Bungie's first multiplatform title since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Expectations were predictably sky high. But let's put those aside for a moment and judge the game based on its merits alone. Destiny is fun but … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead Pinball Review

The Walking Dead Pinball

It would seem unfair to say a The Walking Dead Pinball review could only come from fans of the TV show. Yet considering everyone seems to be a fan to begin with, that doesn't exactly put limitations on things. The Walking Dead has taken American zombie lovers by storm, but seeing a pinball table based on the show is still a bit surprising. Luckily, the team at Zen Studios knows what it's doing and has crafted one of its finest tables to date. The Walking Dead Pinball table has the unique distinction of having … [Read more...]

Contrast Game Review

Contrast Game

It's tempting for a Contrast game review to focus on shadows as a gameplay mechanic, but the references throughout the puzzle platformer go far deeper than that. From its plot and characters to its level design, Contrast uses the difference between light and shadow -- and between upstanding and shadowy people -- to immerse players in a story unlike any platformer to date. That its gameplay is so original would be mere gravy if it weren't such an asset to the finished product. Contrast was one of the first indie games … [Read more...]

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition Review

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

Zombie slaying comes in many forms, though largely tied to guns and melee combat. One of the most uniquely gratifying methods didn't really come into its own until Dead Rising 3: death by automobile. Careening through the streets smashing into the undead was one of the most visceral, enjoyable and novel gifts Dead Rising 3 gave to Xbox One owners. And it was one of the reasons I was most excited to test Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition. Cruising around town careening into zombies is one of the most enjoyable parts of … [Read more...]

Amped Wireless REC10 Wireless Range Extender Review

Amped Wireless REC10

WiFi may be ubiquitous, but that doesn't necessarily mean it actually reaches every place we need it to. Most of us have experienced the dreaded "dead spot" at home, and you'll probably get nods in the office if you mention That Conference Room where WiFi connections go to die. Fortunately, the Amped Wireless REC10 Wireless Range Extender can fix that. This WiFi extender truly lives up to its developer's name, taking any existing router and either extending its wireless connection to previously under-performing areas … [Read more...]

Kinect Sports Rivals Review

Kinect Sports Rivals

One of the biggest selling points of the Xbox One, at least to hear Microsoft tell the story, is the console's inclusion of the Kinect 2.0 hardware. Unlike the PS4, which has an optional (e.g. "added cost" camera), the Kinect 2.0 sensor comes bundled with every Xbox One. Voice commands seemed the peripheral's primary function at launch, as only Ubisoft's Fighter Within really leveraged the Kinect's gesture-recognition at launch (and failed -- read our review). Going into this Kinect Sports Rivals review, I knew the … [Read more...]

The Art Institute of Vancouver Named Among the Top Ten Undergraduate Schools for Video Game Design by The Princeton Review

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Art Institute of Vancouver (Ai Vancouver), BC, Canada, announced today it has ranked #8 on The Princeton Review's list of the top twenty five  undergrad schools to study video game design. This is the fifth year in a row for Ai Vancouver to rank in the top ten since 2010, and the school moved up from #9 in last year's list.  Among criteria The Princeton Review weighed to make its selections were academics, faculty credentials, graduate employment, and … [Read more...]

Titanfall Review Scores for Xbox One “Above Average”

Titanfall Xbox One

The first Titanfall review scores for Xbox One are coming in this morning, just as Xbox One owners want to know whether the first post-launch blockbuster is worth their next-gen dollars. By all accounts it is. Although it's still early and many reviewers are still digging into the game, the initial Titanfall review scores for Xbox One are averaging 87.59% according to GameRankings. If Titanfall were in school, that score would equate to a solid B, maybe even a B+. In other words, Titanfall is an "above average" game … [Read more...]

The Princeton Review Names Top 25 Undergrad And Grad Schools To Study Game Design For 2014

NEW YORK, March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Princeton Review -- one of the nation's best-known education services companies -- today issued its fifth annual report naming the undergraduate and graduate schools with the best programs for students to study video game design. The University of Southern California is #1 on both the undergraduate and graduate school lists in the 2014 report which names 50 programs overall -- 25 undergraduate and 25 graduate -- in ranked order 1 to 25. (Complete lists follow.) The … [Read more...]